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Silicone Grease

Silicone Grease / Lubricant GX 933 / GX 933 S-EP Extreme High Temp/Load

GX 933 S / GX 933 S-EP is a non toxic and non melting silicone grease specially formulated with inert silica fillers and selected proprietary additives package.

GX 933 S / GX 933 S-EP has excellent extreme temperature resistance and dielectric properties. This silicone based materials reduce friction and provide long lasting lubrication.

It is compatible with most plastics and rubbers and will not crack or become brittle with age. It has excellent water resistant and physical properties which can be use for automotive, industrial and marine applications.


GX 933 S Extreme High Temperature / GX 933 S-EP is recommended as a moisture barrier, surface protectant, specialised release lubrication/release agent. It can enhance thermal conductivity – electrical connectors, seals and cables.

GX 933 S / GX 933 S-EP can also be used as a lubricant for many plastics and rubber (silicone rubber, synthetic rubbers, o-rings). It is also ideal as a mould release agent. Other application includes mechanical seal, dashboard, conveyor chains subject to washing by water or steam, battery terminal to prevent corrosion, valve lubricant, printers, computer and other communication equipment.

Typical Physical Properties

NLGI Grade

Worked Penetration

@ 25 o C/77 o F

1.5 – 2.0

350 – 285 / 265 - 295


Silicone Oil with Other Proprietary Fillers and Additives


Smooth Tacky

Specific Gravity

0.98 – 1.03


GX 933 S

GX 933 S-EP

Translucent White

Translucent Yellowish White

Dropping Point

Non-Melt, Non-Soap

Pour Point

- 40 o C / - 40 o F

Flash Point

320 o C / 608 o F

Dielectric Constant


Dielectric Strength


Evaporation, % 24 hrs. @ 200 o C



GX 933 S (Release Agent)

GX 933 S-EP (Dielectric)

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Equivalent to TSK 5450 Momentive, 3M, RHODORSIL, WACKER, GE, TOSHIBA, Shin-Etsu,

3M GORUBER silicone grease TRIDENT DIVING EQUIPMENT 9616 OWENSMOUTH AVE CHATSWORTH CA 91311 ACC Silicones Ltd Amber House Treco S.R.L. Via Romagna N.8 Showground Road Bridgwater Somerset UK 20098 Sesto Ulteriano MI Italia. acc-silicones accsilicones A division of Accumetric LLC 350 Ring Road Elizabethtown Kentucky 42701 USA Dynatex Ace Silicone Grease CRC Industries UK Ltd Castlefield Industrial Estate Wylds Rd Bridgwater Somerset UK TA64DD AJM Sp. z o.o. 03-566 Warszawa ul. Dalanowska 29 Ambersil Ambersil Limited Wylds Road Bridgwater Somerset TA6 4DD CRC Industries UK Ltd Castlefield Industial Estate Wylds Rd Bridgwater Somerset UK TA64DD 3025 De Baene Street Montreal, Quebec Canada H4S 1K8 aquatica Autospecialty Basildon Chemical Company Limited Kimber Road Abingdon Oxon OX14 1RZ RHODIA SILICONES S.A.S. 190 avenue Thiers F-69457 LYON cedex 06 Usine Silicones Rhone-Alpes 1-55 rue des Frères PERRET F-69191 Saint Fons Cedex Silicones Europe 19 avenue Georges Pompidou - F-69486 LYON CEDEX 03 RHODORSIL OILS RHODORSIL FLUID RHODIA INC SILICONES 911 E. White Street Rock Hill SC 29730 RHODIA SILICONI ITALIA S.p.A. Via G.G. Winckelmann 2 - 20146 MILANO ITALIA Bluestar Silicones 911 E. White Street Rock Hill SC 29730 CLEARCO PRODUCTS CO., INC 3430-G PROGRESS DR BENSALM PA. 19020 Viscasil Rhodia Silicones Dow Corning Corporation South Saginaw Road Midland Michigan 48686 Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd. 100-0005 MOLYKOTE AIG Bldg., 1-1-3 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan FUCHS LUBRICANTS CO. 7050 LATHROP AVE. HARVEY IL 60426 CHEMPLEX HUSKEY Specialty Lubricants Corporation 8300 Corporate Park Drive Macedonia OH 44056 USA Huskey Specialty Lubricants 1580 Industrial Ave. Norco CA 92860 USA HUSK-ITT Corporation Intek Adhesives Ltd Euroseas Technology Centre Blyth Northumberland NE24 1LZ LDS VACUUM PRODUCTS INC. 773 Big Tree Drive Longwood, Florida 32750 McNett Corporation 1405 Fraser St., P.O. Box 996 Bellingham WA 98227 USA MMCC Microchem France Z.I La Massane 13210 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence France ARRIS 3871 Lakefield Drive Suwanee GA 30024 NOVAGARD SILICONES Versilube Novagard Solutions 5109 Hamilton Avenue Form Name Cleveland OH 44114 NuSil Technology 1050 Cindy Lane Carpinteria California 93013 USA Refrigeration Technologies 2572 Fender Ave Bldg “C” Fullerton CA 92831 RS COMPONENTS Silchem Marketing Inc P.O. Box 231487 Encinitas, CA 92023 USA Silpak inc 470 E BONITA AVE POMONA CA 91767 SPECIALTY SILICONE PRODUCTS INC BY: CURTIS INDUSTRIAL PARK ROUTE 67 - BUILDING 42 BALLSTON SPA, NY 12020 Wacker Chemie AG Hanns-Seidel-Platz 4 D-81737 Munich ermany WACKER SILICONES Wacker Chemical Corporation 3301 Sutton Road Adrian MI 49221 WACKER# AK Wacker-Chemie GmbH Geschaftsbereich Silicone Hanns-Seidel-Platz 4 D-81737 Munchen General Electric Company Waterford Plant 260 Hudson River Rd Waterford NY 12188 Momentive Performance Materials Japan LLC 133 Nishi-shinmachi Ohta-shi Gunma Japan GE 東芝シリコーン(株)ホームページ GE Toshiba Silicones Co., Ltd. 信越化学工業株式会社 Shin-Etsu Chemical Co.,Ltd Silicone Division GE东芝 GE Bayer Silicones GmbH & Co. KG Leverkusen Germany GE Toshiba Silicones Co., Ltd. 6-2-31 Roppongi Minato-Ku Tokyo 106-8550 Japan GE Bayer Silicones GmbH & Co. KG GE Specialty Materials (Suisse) Sàrl Bluestar Siliconi Italia S.p.A. Headquarter for Italy and commercial office Via Archimede 602 21042 Caronno Pertusella (Va) Bluestar Siliconi Italia S.p.A. Mix & Fix Center Italy and South Eastern Europe Via Alberto dalla Chiesa 13 24048 Treviolo (Bg) Bluestar Silicones Germany GmbH Headquarter for Germany-Austria-Switzerland Hans-Sachs-Strasse. 4 D-23566 Lübeck Bluestar Siliconas España S.A. Spain and Portugal C/ Vic 3 P.I. La Florida 08130 Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona) Bluestar Silicones BlueStarSilicones Bluestar Silicones 911 E. White Street Rock Hill SC 29730 VISCASIL Belsil

High Thermally Conductive Grease Electrically Insulating Silicone Grease HV Insulator grease DIELECTRIC GREASE SILICONE HEAT TRANSFER COMPOUND Dimethyl Silicone Fluids Polydimethylsiloxane Composition information on ingredients CAS number 63148-62-9 Component CAS Reg Number OSHA POLY(DIMETHYL)SILOXANE 63148-62-9 Lubricant Dielectric fluid Mould releasing agent Active ingredient for cleaning materials Silicone Oil Silicone Fluids Polydimethylsiloxanes CAS# 63148-62-9 DIELECTRIC SILICONE GREASE SILICONE HEAT SINK COMPOUND

SG500 6023 SG501 6028 SG502 SGM494 M494 SGM496 M496 SG-500 6023 SG-501 6028 SG-502 SGM-494 M-494 SGM496 M496 AMS4 Silicone Grease PART NO.49647 PART NO.49644 PART NO.49643 PART NO.49635 PART NO.49634 PART NO.1046 PART NO49647 PART NO49644 PART NO49643 PART NO49635 PART NO49634 PART NO1046 49647 49644 49643 49635 49634 1046 100% PURE Part # AS500 BC 97/028 SILICONE FLUID BC 99/025 SILICONE FLUID AND SILICONE GUM 0.65 5 10 20 50 100 200 350 500 1,000 12,500 30,000 60,000 1000 12500 30000 60000 HUILE 47 V 50 HUILE 47V50 HUILE47V50 HUILE47 V50 47V50 47V100 47V300 47V350 47V500 47V1000 47V1,000,000 47V1000000

OILS 47 V 5 000 47 V 1 000 000 OILS 47V5000 47V1000000 HUILE 47 V 100 HUILE 47V100 FLUID 47V200 FLUID 47V200 5 000 10 000 12 500 30 000 60 000 100 000 150 000 200 000 300 000 500 000 600 000 1 000 000 47 V5000 47 V10000 47 V12500 47 V30000 47 V60000 47 V100000 47 V150000 47 V200000 47 V300000 47 V500000 47 V600000 47 1000000 47V5000 47V10000 47V12500 47V30000 47V60000 47V100000 47V150000 47V200000 47V300000 47V500000 47V600000 471000000

OILS 47 V 5 000 47 V 10 000 47 V 12 500 47 V 30 000 47 V 60 000 47 V 100 000 47 V 150 000 47 V 200 000 47 V 300 000 47 V 500 000 47 V 600 000 47 V 1 000 000 OILS 47 V 5000 47 V 10000 47 V 12 500 47 V 30000 47 V 60000 47 V 100000 47 V 150000 47 V 200000 47 V 300000 47 V 500000 47 V 600000 47 V 1000000 OILS 47 V5000 47 V10000 47 V12 500 47 V30000 47 V60000 47 V100000 47 V150000 47 V200000 47 V300000 47 V500000 47 V600000 47 V1000000 OILS 47V5000 47V10000 47V12 500 47V30000 47V60000 47V100000 47V150000 47V200000 47V300000 47V500000 47V600000 47V1000000 COMPOUND 5 COMPOUND 4 COMPOUND 7 PATE 7 PATE 5 PATE 4 COMPOUND5 COMPOUND4 COMPOUND7 PATE7 PATE5 PATE4 100 GR FLACONI 250 GR GREASE 55 GREASE55 GREASE-55 Paste M 496 Paste M496 PASTE 4 PASTE4 PASTE-4

PATE 340 - 200 GR PASTE 5 340 Dichtungsmittel B2753420-K GREASE 33M GREASE 55 V-711 V-724 V-726 V-740 V-742 V-755 V-761 F V-769 PATE 340 CONDITIONNE Grease 33
Grease 55 Grease Robinet Tap Grease M496 Paste Paste 340 Paste 4 Paste 408 Paste 5 Paste 7 Paste B431 Resin 991 47v1,000 47v1,000,000 47v10,000 47v100 47v100,000 47v12,500 47v200 47v50 Vacuum Grease pour Vide PASTE 4 PASTE 340 Fett 44 Paste 70428 Paste B 431 100g TAP GREASE GREASE POUR ROBINETS GRAISSE POUR VIDE Vacuum Grease

GRASSO33 GRASSO44 GRASSO55 GR100 GRASSO ALTO VUOTO GR.100 Grease33M GRAISSE55 PASTE4 PASTE340 PASTE408 PASTE5 PASTE7 Paste B431 PASTE M496 PATE340 200 GR PASTE5 340 Dichtungsmittel B2753420-K GREASE33M GREASE55 V711 V724 V726 V740 V742 V755 V761F V769 PATE340 CONDITIONNE Grease33 Grease55 Grease Robinet Tap Grease M-496 Paste Paste340 Paste4 Paste408 Paste5 Paste7 PasteB431 Resin991 47v1000 47v1000000 47v10000 47v100 47v100000 47v12500 47v200 47v50 Vacuum Grease pour Vide PASTE4 PASTE340 Fett44 Paste70428 Paste B431 100g TAP GREASE GREASE POUR ROBINETS GRAISSE POUR VIDE Vacuum Grease

GRASSO-33 GRASSO-44 GRASSO-55 GRASS0 GR100 GRASSO ALTO VUOTO GR.100 Grease-33M GRAISSE-55 PASTE-4 PASTE-340 PASTE-408 PASTE-5 PASTE-7 Paste B-431 PASTE M-496 PATE-340 200 GR PASTE-5 340 Dichtungsmittel B2753420-K GREASE-33M GREASE-55 V-711 V-724 V-726 V-740 V-742 V-755 V-761F V-769 PATE-340 CONDITIONNE Grease-33 Grease-55 Grease Robinet Tap Grease M496 Paste Paste-340 Paste-4 Paste-408 Paste-5 Paste-7 Paste B-431 Resin-991 47v-1000 47v-1000000 47v-10000 47v-100 47v-100000 47v-12500 47v-200 47v-50 Vacuum Grease pour Vide PASTE-4 PASTE-340 Fett-44 Paste-70428 Paste B-431 100g TAP GREASE GREASE POUR ROBINETS GRAISSE POUR VIDE Vacuum Grease

'O'RING LUBRICANT '0'RING LUBRICANT O RING LUBRICANT SILICONE GREASE food grade 100M O-Ring Lubricant Silicone Grease 3005 food grade 0.65cSt 1.5cSt 1cSt 2cSt 3cSt 63148-62-9 CAS# 07-46-0 CAS# 107-51-7 CAS# 141-62-8 CAS# 141-63-9 CAS# 141-63-9 CAS# 141-63-9 Decamethyltetrasiloxane Dodecamethylpentasiloxane Dodecamethylpentasiloxane Dodecamethylpentasiloxane Hexamethyldisiloxane Octamethyltrisiloxane Polydimethylsiloxanes Cyclo-1400 Cyclo-2244 Cyclo-2245 Cyclo1400 Cyclo2244 Cyclo2245 Cyclomethicone & Dimethiconol - D5/D6 Blend Cyclopentasiloxane - D5 Low Viscosity Silicone

245 AK 10000 AK 100000 AK 1000000 AK 12500 AK 30000 AK 300000 AK 60000 AK 600000 AK Fluids DC 1401 Fluid DC 200 fluid, 0.65cs DC 200 Fluid, 1.5cSt DC 200 fluid, 10 cs DC 200 Fluid, 1cSt DC 200 Fluid, 20cs DC 200 fluid, 5cs DC 200, 350cSt DC 200-1,000,000cs DC 200-10,000cs DC 200-100,000cs DC 200-2,500,000cs DC 200-30,000cs DC 200-300,000cs DC 200-300,000cs DC 200-60,000cs DC 200-600,000cs DC 210H Fluid DC 225 Fluid DC 245 DC 345 DC 561 Fluid DC 200, 350cs SF1202 SF1258 SF18-350cSt SF96 SF96 Silicone SF96, 350cSt Silicone Oil. SF96-10cSt SF96-20cSt SF96-5cSt SF97-50 100M 10M 1M 300M 30M 5M 600M 60M 47V fluids 47V10000 47V100000 47V1000000 47V300000 47V600000 DM-fluids

AK10000 AK100000 AK1000000 AK12500 AK30000 AK300000 AK60000 AK600000 AK Fluids DC1401 Fluid DC200 fluid,0.65cs DC200 Fluid,1.5cSt DC200 fluid,10cs DC200 Fluid,1cSt DC200 Fluid,20cs DC200 fluid,5cs DC200,350cSt DC200-1,000,000cs DC200-10,000cs DC200-100,000cs DC200-2,500,000cs DC200-30,000cs DC200-300,000cs DC200-300,000cs DC200-60,000cs DC200-600,000cs DC210H Fluid DC225 Fluid DC245 DC345 DC561 Fluid DC200,350cs SF1202 SF1258 SF18-350cSt SF96 SF96 Silicone SF96,350cSt Silicone Oil SF96-10cSt SF96-20cSt SF96-5cSt SF97-50 47Vfluids 47V10000 47V100000 47V1000000 47V300000 47V600000 DM-fluids

AK-10000 AK-100000 AK-1000000 AK-12500 AK-30000 AK-300000 AK-60000 AK-600000 AK Fluids DC-1401 Fluid DC-200 fluid-0.65cs DC-200 Fluid-1.5cSt DC-200 fluid-10cs DC-200 Fluid-1cSt DC-200 Fluid-20cs DC-200 fluid-5cs DC-200-350cSt DC-200-1000000cs DC200-10000cs DC200-100000cs DC200-2500000cs DC200-30000cs DC200-300000cs DC200-300000cs DC200-60000cs DC200-600000cs DC-210H Fluid DC-225 Fluid DC-245 DC-345 DC-561 Fluid DC-200-350cs SF-1202 SF-1258 SF-18-350cSt SF-96 SF-96 Silicone SF-96-350cSt Silicone Oil SF-96-10cSt SF-96-20cSt SF-96-5cSt SF-97-50 47V fluids 47V-10000 47V-100000 47V-1000000 47V-300000 47V-600000 DM-fluids

CAS# 107-46-0 CAS# 107-51-7 CAS# 141-63-9 Decamethyltetrasiloxane Dodecamethylpentasiloxane Dodecamethylpentasiloxane blend Hexamethyldisiloxane Octamethyltrisiloxane PSF 0.65cSt PSF 1.5cSt PSF 1cSt PSF 2cSt PSF0.65cSt PSF1.5cSt PSF1cSt PSF2cSt STO-50 Silicone Transformer Oil STO50 Silicone Transformer Oil CAS # 3390-61-2 CAS # 3982-82-9 Diffusion Pump Fluid DPF7040 DPF-7040 DPF7050 DPF-7050 Pentaphenyltrimethyltrisiloxane Tetraphenyltetramethyl trisiloxane Trimethylpentaphenyltrisiloxane

DC4 DC7 41 106 DC340 1000 1102 1122 1292 3451 3452 7348 7400 7405 7409 7414 7514 DC111 111 Compound 165 LT 33 Light 33 Medium 3400A Leadfree 3402C 44 Light 44 Medium 822M A BG-20 BG-555 BR2 Plus CO 220 Cu-7439 Plus D D 1055 D-321 R D-348456 D-70856 D-9656 DX E EM-30L EM-50L EM-60L FB 180 Food Grade Spray Oil FS 1265 Fluid G-0050FG G-0051FG G-0052FG G-0100 G-0101 G-0102 G-1001 G-2001 G-2003 G-4500 G-4501 G-4700 G-5032 G-6000 G-67 G-68 G-72 G-807 G-n Plus G-Rapid Plus HP-300 HP-870 HSC Plus HTF62 HTP L-0115FG L-0122 L-0122FG L-0146FG L-0268 L-0460FG L-0500 L-0510FG L-0532FG L-0610 L-0660 L-1115FG L-1122FG L-1146FG L-1210 L-1232 L-1232FG L-1246 L-1246FG L-1268 L-13 L-1346FG L-1368FG L-1428 L-1468FG L-1510 L-1568 L-1668FG L-2110 L-2115 L-2122 L-2132 L-2146 L-2168 L-4611 Longterm 00 Longterm 2 plus Longterm 2/78G Longterm W2 M-30 M-55 Plus63 M-77 Metal Cleaner60 Metal Protector Plus Metalform MH-62 Microsize MKL-N Multigliss Multilub Omnigliss O-Ring P-1500 P-1600 P-1900 P-37 P-40 P-74 PG-21 PG-54 PG-65 Plastislip PG-75 Polygliss N PTFE-N UV S-1002 S-1010 S-1011 S-1013 S-1014 S-1500 S-1501 S-1502 S-1503 S-1504 Separator Spray Supergliss TP-42 U-n W1564 X X5-6020 YM-102 YM-103 Z68

Air Compressor Oils Ammonia Compressor Oils Anti-Friction Coatings Assembly Pastes Chain Oils Coatings Compounds Dispersions Gearbox Oils Grease Pastes Greases High Vacuum Grease High-Performance Industrial Hydraulic Oils Lubricating Oils Mineral Oil Greases Multi-purpose Oils Other Coatings Other Pastes Other Products Pastes Powders Semi-synthetic Greases Solvents Special Purpose Oils Synthetic Greases Fluorosilicone Synthetic Greases PAO Synthetic Greases PFPE Synthetic Greases POE Synthetic Greases Silicone Thread Pastes Vacuum Pump Oils

33 41 44 111 150 321 460 1000 1122 7348 7405 7409 165LT 3402C 3402C+ 3402C+DX 402C+DX 77Paste A BG20 BG555 BG87 BR2 Plus C-40 CO220 Cu-7439 Cu-7439plus D D321 D321R DX E EPaste EM-30LGrease EM-30LEM-30LG EM-50L EM-60L FB180 FS1292 FS3451 FS3452 G-4500 G-4700 G-nPaste G67 G68 G-0100 G-0101 G-0102 G-1001 G-2001 G-4500 G-4700 G-6000 G-807 G-n G-n Paste G-n Plus G-n Rapid Paste G-Rapid G-Rapid Paste HP870 HP-300 HP-870 HP-870 HP-500 HSC Plus HSCPlus L-0246 L-0346 L-0500 L-0610 L-1115-ISO150 L-1115FG-ISO L-1115FG-ISO150 L-1146-ISO460 L-1146FG-ISO L-1146FG-ISO460 L-1246 L-1246FG L-1346 L-1346FG L-1368FG L-1460FG L-1468FG L-3232 Longterm00 Longterm2 Plus

Longterm W2 M30 M55 Plus M Dispersion MGear MetalCleaner MetalProtective MetalProtectorPlus MKL-N Moly-Penelube Multigliss Multilub Omnigliss OS-2 P1600 P37 P40 P74 Penelube PG21 PG54 PG602 PG75 PG-30L PG-30L PG-602 Plasticgearwheelsin Polygliss-N PPE Press-fitjoints Rolling-elementbearings S-1000 S-1001 S-1002 S-1003 S-1004 S-1500 S-1501 S-1502 S-1503 S-1504 SeparatorSpray Shaft/hubconnections Slidingcontactbearings Slidingcontactbearings Supergliss TP42 X5-6020 YM-102 YM-103 YM-103 YM-102 Fantasea

1381-BLK 1381 710 825 811 839 862 710-24/5.3OZ TUBE 3237 4037 4038 4100 4101 4103 4193 4243 4244 4245 SI 300 heavy SI 300 light SI 300 medium SI 400 light SI 400 medium SI 410 medium SI 511 fluid SI 511 light SI 511 medium SI-LK 2 KFSI2S-50 KSI00T-30 KSI1P-70 KSI1R-30 KSI1T-30 KSI2K-50 SI2P-70 KSI2R-30 KSI2T-30 KSI3P-60 SILICONFETT 300 mittel/BLQ SI300heavy SI300light SI300medium SI400light SI400medium SI410medium SI511fluid SI511light SI511medium SILK2 KFSI2S50 KSI00T30 KSI1P70 KSI1R30 KSI1T30 KSI2K50 KSI2P70 KSI2R30 KSI2T30 KSI3P60 SILICONFETT300mittel/BLQ

HVS-100 SILICONE GREASE HVS100 SILICONE GREASE LUBE "O" SEAL VALVE LUBRICANT GRADE LUBE O SEAL VALVE LUBRICANT GRADE LUBE 0 SEAL VALVE LUBRICANT GRADE TCG Thermal Transfer Compund SILICONE GREASE M494 James Walker Silicone Grease LDS 91-S silicone grease LDS91-S silicone grease OC Seven Grease ALCO 220 SILICONE GREASE ALCO220 SILICONE GREASE ALCO-220 SILICONE GREASE Code article 100594 Code article 100298 MONARCH SILICONE Grease G623 5 oz 131512 G624 DC4 G623 Compound 202516 G635 5 oz 133148 Part # G322L G321 G326 G330M G351 G624 G635 G641 G644 G661 G662 G665 G687 G697 G-322L G-321 G-326 G-330M G-351 G-624 G-635 G-641 G-644 G-661 G-662 G-665 G-687 G-697 G-9000 G-9005 G-9010 G-9020 G-9030 G-9040 G-9340 R-2930 R-2939 R-2940 R-2949 S-7200 S-7201 S-7400 G9000 G9005 G9010 G9020 G9030 G9040 G9340 R2930 R2939 R2940 R2949 S7200 S7201 S7400

olympus Silicone Grease for PT Series Underwater Housings DC Silicone grease 50 g Order number B2751020DK Pfeiffer Product Identifier Silicone Grease Part # RT910T SILICONES UNLIMITED SU855 O-Ring Lube SD0039 RS494-124 SILICONE GREASE PRODUCT NAME SERVISOL HEAT SINK COMPOUND PART No. 200001000 HEAT SINK COMPOUND FOR THERMAL COUPLING AND HEAT DISSIPATION 1000 CS SILICONE FLUID 7000 SM7704/5.3 SM7704/8.0 7050 CS SILICONE FLUID SILICONE COMPOUND AND LUBRICANT SM7704 SM7704/Mini-tube SM1201A SM7704 Dielectric Silicone Compound Part Number 7000-65 7001 7001.5 7002 7010 7020 7030 7050 70100 70300 70350 70500 701000 703000 706000 G-50 G50

DC1000 DC111 DC3099 DC33 DC340 DC4 DC44 DC44L DC7 DCGnPaste DCHiVac DC-3451 DC-3452 DC-41 DESIGN G623 G624 G641 G641 G661 G687 G-321 G-322L G-330M G-351 G-392 SS2000 SSP SSPDesign SSP-1201A SSP-1208A SSP-1208VL-II SSP-1208WA SSP-1209A SSP-1212 SSP-1214 SSP-1215B SSP-1216 SSP-1401L SSP-1404 SSP-1405 SP-1405L SSP-1410 SSP-1413 UNIQUE DC-1000 DC-111 DC-3099 DC-33 DC-340 DC-4 DC-44 DC-44L DC-7 DC Gn Paste DC HiVac DC3451 DC3452 DC41 DESIGN G-623 G-624 G-641 G-641 G-661 G-687 G321 G322L G330M G351 G392 SS-2000 SSP SSPDesign SSP1201A SSP1208A SSP1208VL-II SSP1208WA SSP1209A SSP1212 SSP1214 SSP1215B SP1216 SSP1401L SSP1404 SSP1405 SSP1405L SSP1410 SSP1413 UNIQUE

O-RING LUBE SILICONE LUBERICANT LP20 LP21 LP23 SA66 100% DIMETHYLPOLYSILOXANE NON HAZARDOUS FOOD GRADE SILICONE GREASE FLUID NH 130 D FLUID NH130D Silicone Fluids AK AK 0,65 AK 5 AK 10 AK 20 AK 35 AK 50 AK 100 AK 150 AK 200 AK 250 AK 350 AK 500 AK 1 000 AK 2 000 AK 5 000 AK 10 000 AK 12 500 AK 20 000 AK 30 000 AK 60 000 AK 80 000 AK 100 000 AK 300 000 AK 200 000 AK 500 000 AK 600 000 AK 1 000 000 AK0,65 AK5 AK10 AK20 AK35 AK50 AK100 AK150 AK200 AK250 AK350 AK500 AK1000 AK2000 AK5000 AK10000 AK12500 AK20000 AK30000 AK60000 AK80000 AK100000 AK300000 AK200000 AK500000 AK600000 AK1000000 Silicone Fluids AKF Silicone Fluid TR 50 SILFAR Belsil DM Silicone Fluids AKC Silicone Fluids AK stab AKC2000 AKC4000 AKC5000 AKC6000 AKC125000 AKC30000 AKC50000

DM0,65 DM5 DM10 DM20 DM50 DM100 DM350 DM500 DM1000 DM12500 DM60000 DM300000 DM500000 DM1000000 AK FLUIDS US Silicone Fluids Fluid AP 100 Fluid AP 150 Fluid AP 150 stab Fluid AP 200 Fluid AP 200 stab Fluid AP 500 Fluid AP 500 stab Fluid AR 200 Fluid AS 100 Fluid AS 4 Paste P Paste P 12 Paste P 14 Paste P 4 Paste P 4 weich Paste P 8 Paste P weich Paste PNP Product Silicone High Vacuum Grease Silicone Paste P 12 Silicone Paste P 4 and P 4 soft Silicone Paste P 8 Silicone Paste P and P soft Silicone Paste P and P soft Silicone Paste PNP Silicon-Hochvakuumfett Siliconpaste P 12 Siliconpaste P 4 und P 4 weich Siliconpaste P 8 Siliconpaste P und P weich Siliconpaste P und P weich Siliconpaste PNP

AK FLUIDS US Silicone Fluids Fluid AP-100 Fluid AP-150 Fluid AP-150 stab Fluid AP-200 Fluid AP-200 stab Fluid AP-500 Fluid AP-500 stab Fluid AR 200 Fluid AS 100 Fluid AS 4 Paste P Paste P-12 Paste P-14 Paste P-4 Paste P-4 weich Paste P-8 Paste P-weich Paste PNP Product Silicone High Vacuum Grease Silicone Paste P-12 Silicone Paste P-4 and P-4 soft Silicone Paste P-8 Silicone Paste P-and P-soft Silicone Paste P-and P-soft Silicone Paste PNP Silicon-Hochvakuumfett Siliconpaste P-12 Siliconpaste P-4 und P-4 weich Siliconpaste P-8

Siliconpaste P-und P-weich Siliconpaste P-und P-weich Siliconpaste PNP AK FLUIDS US Silicone Fluids Fluid AP100 Fluid AP150 Fluid AP150 stab Fluid AP200 Fluid AP200 stab Fluid AP500 Fluid AP500 stab Fluid AR200 Fluid AS100 Fluid AS4 Paste P Paste P12 Paste P14 Paste P4 Paste P4 weich Paste P8 Paste Pweich Paste PNP Product Silicone High Vacuum Grease Silicone Paste P12 Silicone Paste P4 and P4 soft Silicone Paste P8 Silicone Paste Pand Psoft Silicone Paste Pand Psoft Silicone Paste PNP Silicon-Hochvakuumfett Siliconpaste P12 Siliconpaste P4 und P4 weich Siliconpaste P8 Siliconpaste Pund Pweich Siliconpaste Pund Pweich Siliconpaste PNP